Different Standard and High Quality Graphite Rod Manufacturer

We are a professional graphite rod manufacturer. Our main graphite rods types as follows:
– 0.8mm Graphite Rods
– 1.6mm Graphite Rods
– 2.0mm Graphite Rods
– High Purity Graphite Rods
– Isostatic Graphite Rods

Size: According to the customer’s requirements, we have different raw material sizes for customizing.

Packing: Inside bubble pad or foam, outside exporting cartons.

Storage: Store dry and clean.

Applications of Graphite Rods: Graphite rods are commonly used in metallurgy and machinery industries, also are used as electric heating material of high temperature vacuum furnaces. The maximum operating temperature is up to 3000°C. It is easy to oxidize at high temperatures.

Graphite material features:

1, High Temperature: Graphite is one of the most high temperature materials. Its melting point is 3850°C±50°C and its boiling point is 4250°C. The high temperature resistance of graphite is very good.

2, Special Thermal Shock Resistance: Graphite has a good thermal shock resistance, that is, when the temperature changes abruptly, the thermal expansion coefficient is small, so it has a good thermal stability, without crack in the temperature change of rapid cooling.

3, Thermal Conductivity and Conductivity: Graphite has good thermal conductivity and conductivity. Compared with general materials, its thermal conductivity is quite high. It is 4 times higher than stainless steel, 2 times higher than carbon steel and 100 times higher than normal non-metal materials.

4. Chemical stability: At room temperature, graphite has good chemical stability and is resistant to acid, alkali and organic solvents.

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