2017 Needle Coke Market Due to the rise of graphite electrode market, the demand for needle coke is greatly increased. The need for needle coke in anode material market also increases day by day. Although the import volume increased substantially in 2017, the needle coke market remained tense However, due to the successful production of many Graphite Manufacturer and Graphite Supplier after September 2017, the shortage of needle coke resources will be alleviated in 2018.

According to incomplete statistics, the total capacity of graphite electrodes in China in 2017 will be about 1.5 million tons and the effective production capacity will be 1.227 million tons. In the second half of 2017, the total capacity will reach 120,000 tons and the new production capacity will reach 60,000 tons. 2017 output of about 550,000 tons, 2018 annual output of up to 600,000 tons.

In 2017, the total electric furnace steel production in China will be 120 million tons, of which about 86.6 million tons will be produced and about 15.6 million tons will be discontinued. In 2018 there will be 15 million tons of electric arc furnaces put into operation. As a result, the demand for graphite electrodes in EAF will increase in 2018.