Our Graphite Heat Exchanger products in December 1999 has repeatedly been the State Intellectual Property Agency granted the national patent products, and in the first China Quality and Brand-name Products Expo won the first Expo gold medal; hosted by the Ministry of Chemical Industry Second National Anti-Corrosion Products Fair Won the gold medal; and made Chemical Fertilizer Division Department of fertilizer phosphate sulfuric acid industry equipment service network industry equipment manufacturing construction and installation, professional products supply qualification certificate. The company produced a combination of tubular graphite heat exchanger for the domestic initiative to achieve a single tube can be replaced at the same time, the allowable pressure to 1.0MPa, a single heat transfer area reached more than 2000 square meters, greatly expanded the use of the field, is considered to be Tubular graphite heat exchanger technology revolution; the company invested in research and development in 2009, a new round hole graphite heat exchanger, modified resin impregnated graphite and new processing technology, allowing the pressure to 0.8MPa, broaden the Graphite heat exchanger in the field of use.

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