The role of graphite tube
Atomic absorption spectroscopy is based on the state of the ground state of the measured element in the gaseous state of the element of atomic resonance radiation has a strong absorption effect was established. The method has the advantages of high detection limit, high accuracy, good selectivity and fast analysis.
When the experimental conditions such as temperature absorption optical path and sampling mode are fixed, the ground state atoms of the element to be detected produced by the sample absorb the monochromatic light radiated by the hollow cathode lamp of the element which is the sharp line light source, and the absorbance (A) Is proportional to the elemental concentration (C) in the sample. That A = KC where K is a constant. Accordingly, by measuring the absorbance of standard solution and unknown solution, but also known the concentration of standard solution can be used as a standard curve to determine the concentration of unknown elements in the test element.
The method is mainly applied to trace and trace components in the sample analysis.