Patented combination of tubular graphite heat exchanger (2)

3, product description:
1, The equipment adopts the patented technology of our company, the tube and the tube plate are connected as elastic seal, the graphite tube is flexible and retractable under temperature difference stress, which effectively avoids the stress destruction caused by the temperature difference stress between the graphite tube and the tube plate bonding structure;
2, the equipment can be replaced by a single tube, interchangeability of parts, maintenance and cleaning convenience;
3, the value in the table calculated in accordance with φ32 / 22 graphite tube diameter;
4, the company based on the customer request for the design and manufacture of 450 ㎡ above the heat exchanger;
5, I type for the ordinary heat exchanger, II type condenser with gas-liquid separator.
6, the device can be used as a condenser, cooler, heater, falling film absorber, reboiler and so on.