Tubular graphite half-water gas cooler (2)

3, product application analysis:
In the ammonia production process, always accompanied by the occurrence of heat exchange. The pros and cons of this type graphite heat exchanger performance directly determines whether the ammonia synthesis system can operate economically. It is based on this, new materials, high-performance heat exchanger technology is also gradually penetrated to the industrial production of ammonia, and increasingly show its tremendous role.
Due to various reasons, many of our small nitrogen fertilizer companies, the traditional heat transfer technology is still dominant. It is an obstacle to the production of synthetic ammonia based on energy conservation and consumption reduction. At present, some manufacturers also try to use a mixed spray and spray-based heat exchanger, such heat exchangers exist a series of problems such as high power consumption, the loss of effective gas composition, gas and water separation difficulties. After careful comparison, research and demonstration, our company boldly tried to apply the new graphite tube heat exchanger to the production system and achieved good results.