1, graphite heat exchanger in the gas cooling operation
We tried to apply graphite tube heat exchanger to semi-water gas cooling. All week
Know that in the hot summer, a substantial reduction in ammonia production, ammonia production has a serious negative impact. To lessen this impact, we utilize a factory-wide shut-down and maintenance machine with a graphite tube gas cooler in front of the compressor. Its main purpose is to reduce the gas temperature, increase the compressor effective air delivery, and ultimately increase the production of synthetic ammonia.

2, the focus of the cooler installation and key mechanisms
(1) The thermal conductivity of graphite material is good, the thermal conductivity is 2.5 times of that of carbon steel, the graphite material tube is used to strengthen the heat exchange, and the selected heat transfer area is 700m2.
(2) Taking into account the average summer gas temperature of 46 ℃, so the use of a lower temperature water (temperature is about 27 ℃) for gas cooling and heat exchange, and the export of a water recharge cycle use.
(3) Although the thermal conductivity of graphite is good, the convective heat transfer coefficient of cold-side fluid and hot-side fluid greatly affects the heat transfer effect. Therefore, countercurrent heat exchange is used and the number of water side baffles is increased to enhance the convective heat transfer.
(4) In the cooler at the bottom of the gas-water separation device, which can effectively prevent the gas into the compressor with water.

3, cooler operation evaluation related parameter records
a, gas temperature before cooling: an average of 39.2 ℃
b, after cooling gas temperature: an average of 31.4 ℃
c, the average daily water consumption: 500m3
d, gas pressure drop: 500Pa